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More Than just Chatbots

What is Conversational AI?

Gone are the days of predefined rules-based chatbots. We enter a new era of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), an evolving category that includes a set of technologies to power human-like interactions through automated messaging and voice-enabled applications. It enables personalized experiences, automated as well as human, that drive increased value in commerce and care relationships.

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Self-learning AI chatbot understands a misspelling

Conversational AI vs. machine-learning chatbots

Chatbots are rules-based programs that provide an appropriate response for a particular scenario. They are triggered by defined keywords and can only attend to one request at a time. Conversational AI refers to all the tools that can be used within AI chatbots to make them more…well, conversational

And that’s where LivePerson’s solutions stand apart.

Building a Curiously Human™ AI-powered customer experience

How it works

Conversational AI combines natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and machine-learning models to emulate human cognition and engagement. LivePerson is evolving these tools to maximize their performance and get us to the future of self-learning AI.

Intent-driven Conversational AI applications

Not only can Conversational AI tools help bots recognize human speech and text, they can actually understand what a person wants — the intent behind the inquiry. LivePerson explicitly trained its NLU to support conversational bots throughout the commerce and care customer journey.

Artificial intelligence that’s emotionally intelligent, too

AI doesn’t need to feel artificial. AI can be more human. And that’s what we’re focused on doing. LivePerson will help you develop AI-powered digital experiences where your consumers wonder just how the heck they feel so seen, heard, and valued by your brand.

What AI means for consumers

Over 5,000 consumers across the world shared their thoughts on AI, messaging, and chatbots. It’s time to take action, and LivePerson innovation is making it happen.

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example of implementing conversational ai to increase customer satisfaction with orders

What AI means to brands

Enhance customer experience

Learn why people are embracing virtual assistants and other AI models to speed responses, reduce costs, increase sales, and provide scalability for business processes throughout the customer journey.

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Hyper-personalized customer engagement

Using Conversational AI solutions, consumers can connect with brands in the channels they use the most. Learn how this technology is able to facilitate hyper-personalization with real-time data to help carry out transactions and more.

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Better data and better understanding

Whether a customer interacts with AI chatbots or with a human agent, the data gathered can be used to inform future interactions — avoiding pain points like having to explain a problem to multiple agents.

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Reduce operating expenses, lift sales

Seamless, streamlined customer engagement is crucial to delivering a convenient and effective sales and support experience, which makes for more customer loyalty. Learn how the right Conversational AI strategy makes this possible, along with cost savings and improved revenue.

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How LivePerson puts Conversational AI to work

Conversational Cloud®

An AI platform that identifies customer intent to drive engagement

Start delivering truly authentic intent-driven conversations, at scale. This powerful engagement hub helps you build and manage AI-powered chatbots alongside human agents to support commerce and customer service interactions.

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Conversational Cloud

Voice AI

Modernize your customer experience with voice and digital

Create unified, automated consumer engagement experiences across voice and messaging channels, driven by superior conversational analytics, industry-leading speech recognition, and generative AI.

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Bella AI

Build a safe, equal AI chatbot in seconds

Unlock time to value and lower costs with our new conversational interface for building bots, powered by generative AI and large language models.

Meet Bella
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