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conversational Intelligence

Understand your operations deeply, down to the conversations

CSAT and clicks aren’t enough, our advanced conversation intelligence tools provide the data and insights you need to drive increased revenue without adding costs.

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Self-learning AI chatbot understands a misspelling

AI tuning and conversational intelligence features

Screenshot of VoiceBase voice analytics and conversational intelligence

Transform human conversations into action with VoiceBase

Quantify customer sentiment and understand engagement with voice analytics. Then connect those insights across the entire enterprise to identify pain points, find quicker resolutions, and improve your customer experience.

conversational analytics performance optimizer dashboard

Get comprehensive data insights you need to drive value in your business

Coupled with the standard operational data points delivered in BI and API forms, gain a deeper understanding of how your AI is performing, where it is failing, and how to fix it, with a powerful metric framework.

conversational analytics dashboard example

Create customer reports, analytics, and dashboards based on your business needs

While standard reporting is included in the core offering, this add-on allows for the ability to create customized operational reports to streamline your business operations.

Intent Manager dashboard for intent detection and other tips to improve an automated chatbot and conversational intelligence

Understand consumer intents to drive deeper engagement

Your customers want answers to their questions quickly and easily. LivePerson’s Intent Analyzer helps pinpoint the reason a customer is initiating contact and quickly connects them to a bot or human agent to resolve inquiries with ease.

conversational cloud sentiment analytics dashboard

Get a pulse on how your AI is performing

Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS) is a proprietary metric that measures the quality of your bot conversations. Understand consumer sentiment and bot effectiveness by using natural language processing technology to create feedback loops that self-learn and train your AI.

Take action based on intents in the flow of customer conversations

Dynamic Actions help monitor signals in real time and trigger routing of customer interactions without relying on human intervention. For example, if a flight is canceled, an airline using Dynamic Actions can automatically send an alert to affected travelers and seamlessly connect them to an agent or AI designated to handle rebooking.

conversational cloud agent workspace

Help your agents scale with pre-built responses

Arm your agents with the right words, right in the flow of conversation. Agents receive pre-approved response recommendations that can be dragged and dropped into customer conversations to help resolve common questions and issues.

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