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Generation AI podcastThis is a no hype zone

Tune in to our Generation AI podcast for the latest insights and ideas on AI for business.

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Meet your hosts

Joe Bradley

Chief Scientist at LivePerson

Ruth Zive headshot

Ruth Zive

Chief Marketing Officer at LivePerson


New podcast episodes drop every other Tuesday at 6:00 AM EST.

podcast cover for the episode on the impact of artificial intelligence on society with Ori Freeman


Who governs AI – and our culture? The impact of artificial intelligence on society

In this episode, Ori Freeman, Fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation, discusses the potential and expected impacts of AI-generated content on culture, the challenges in globally regulating tech giants, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies in health and education. 

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podcast cover for the year in review, including AI in customer service, ethics, creativity, and unanswered questions

episode 11

AI Year in Review: Breakthroughs in CX, ethics, and creativity

As the end of 2023 draws near, Ruth and Joe reflect on some of the year’s most pressing questions and exciting breakthroughs in what is still a largely undefined space.

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episode 10

Unlocking efficiency: AI in manufacturing

AI has applications far beyond what many assume, including actively shaping industries like manufacturing. Dr. Roey Mechrez, Head of AI, EMEA GM at Tulip Interfaces, joins us to share how a 9-year-old company, founded by graduates of the MIT Media Lab, is using a no-code platform to revolutionize shop flow operations and empower frontline workers with AI capabilities.

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Episode 9

AI Regulation, Integration & More with with TechCrunch’s Ron Miller

Is AI regulation stifling innovation, or is it the key to a responsible tech future? How are established incumbents and newer players like OpenAI and Anthropic shaping the AI landscape? We get some insights to these questions and more industry insights, with special guest Ron Miller, Enterprise Reporter at TechCrunch.

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podcast cover for the Alvaria episode discussing AI-generated content and how to use it for customer service AI


Undefined Space: How Alvaria is using AI as a CX opportunity

Jeff Cotten, Chief Executive Officer at Alvaria, and Darryl Kelly, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, share their expertise and perspectives on leveraging emerging tech. They offer a look into the unexpected possibilities of AI-generated content, and how AI and humans collaborating together can transform customer service with more personalized, more engaging experiences for both employees and customers.

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Podcast cover for a deep dive episode on Virgin’s AI transformation

episode 7

AI transformation at Virgin Media: Meeting customer needs

Chris Huggins, Head of Conversational Commerce at Virgin Media, joins our podcast to discuss how he and his teams leverage behavior signals to enhance the customer experience with AI tools, helping increase productivity and ensure customers get what they need.

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podcast cover for the Generation AI episode on needing an AI ethics framework for certain industries

Episode 6

IBM’s AI Odyssey: A structured approach to scaling AI

Listen in as Shobhit Varshney, VP and Senior Partner at IBM Consulting, discusses large-scale AI and automation deployment within high-regulation industries, what to consider when building out tech, and how to manage systems within the constraints of AI ethics.

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Episode 5

Solving bottlenecks with the power of AI

Tune in to hear from Jeff Moloughney, CMO of, about how AI can pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks and actually help us make better management-level decisions.

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Episode 4

Data empowered: AI’s B2B sales and strategy impact

Join Henry Schuck, CEO and Founder at ZoomInfo, as he discusses the evolution of data’s impact on business, the systems used to leverage it, and the critical role AI is already beginning to play in keeping the upper hand against competition.

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podcast cover on the episode of creative AI and where generative AI tools can fit into the creative process


What is happening at the nexus of AI and creativity

While many have concerns about AI technologies, there is no concern quite like that of creative endeavors. Will AI devalue and automate human art? According to our next guest on Generation AI, Vittorio Banfi, co-founder at Tailor, the answer is “no.” Instead, AI will empower creatives to focus on what they do best. But it may take time to get there.

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podcast featured speaker on the AI revolution and how rapidly transforming artificial intelligence can help solve problems

EPisode 2

The AI journey: From hype to reality

Jessica Popp, a self-proclaimed AI pragmatist, has established herself as a proven Chief Technology Officer, exceeding expectations at many prolific positions with Intel, Twillo, and, most recently, Ada. She joins us to discuss AI’s rapid rise to fame, what the focus should be today, and her vision of the AI-backed future.

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Episode 1

Beyond Black Mirror: Illusion, ethics, and responsible AI

Pop culture references to AI leave people with perceptions that may not be quite accurate, according to Miriam Vogel, President and CEO at EqualAI and Chair of the White House’s National AI Advisory Committee. Miriam joins us on the premiere episode of Generation AI to dive into what it takes to ethically and responsibly develop and deploy artificial intelligence.

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EPisode 0

Generation AI: Demystifying a new era of artificial intelligence

LivePerson’s Ruth Zive, CMO, and Joe Bradley, Chief Scientist, join together as hosts to kick off the very first episode of Generation AI, a show intended to cut through the noise and deliver real information and applications in today’s exciting tech-powered world.

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