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Conversational Cloud®

Meet the Conversational Cloud, your Conversational AI platform

Create closer connections with your customers and drive meaningful outcomes, all from one place. Say hello to LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud.

The infinite power of the Conversational Cloud


uptick in employee efficiency


conversions vs. traditional digital


boost in customer satisfaction


automation containment rates


decrease in agent attrition rates

Build and improve customer experiences through our AI-powered conversational solutions

Our Conversational Cloud is fueled by powerful intent data. We power nearly 1 billion conversational interactions each month, making our AI more accurate than any competitor. Find the perfect all-in-one solution for the most powerful customer engagement, from AI to messaging, analytics, contact center management, and more.

conversational ai platform Intent Analyzer dashboard

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

AI and automation

Accelerate your brand’s time to market with tools that help you build and optimize automations without an army of developers. With LivePerson’s award-winning AI suite, you get a better understanding of consumer intents, easily build AI-powered chatbots and automation flows to add efficiency, and manage everything in the Conversational Cloud.

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omnichannel customer experience displayed on multiple messaging channels

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

Consumer and channels experience

Communicate with consumers in the same messaging channels they use to connect with friends and family. You can provide relevant, personalized content throughout the entire consumer journey, from Apple Messages for Business to Facebook Messenger, Google RCS, WhatsApp, your own app, and more.

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conversational cloud sentiment analytics dashboard

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud


Easily quantify your customer relationships to understand how people feel about your brand over time. Our Sentiment Analytics report on customer satisfaction measurements like no other AI platform can.

conversational ai platform performance optimizer dashboard

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

Reporting and analytics

Respond to trends in the marketplace and benchmark against other brands in your vertical with out-of-the-box analytics that allow you to quickly understand and optimize your programs.

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conversational ai platform agent workspace

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

Agent and supervisor experience

Give customer support agents the power to quickly find answers and keep conversations on track. Plus, supervisors get the 360-degree view needed to coach agents, whether they are humans or AI-powered chatbots. It all combines to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and online sales conversions.

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conversational cloud integrations

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

Integrations and developer experience

Connect contextual data with consumer intents to engage with the right consumer at the right time. Pull data in and push it out to provide highly personalized experiences, completing the buyer journey.

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conversational ai platform management console

Industry-leading Conversational Cloud

Administrative experience

Make sure your customers get to the right agent at the right time. Set up, connect, and monitor chatbots and human agents in LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud with real-time monitoring that allows you to make status updates as the need arises.

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Advanced AI and Analytics

Make data-informed decisions with insightful, detailed reporting and ready-made dashboards that allow brands to monitor and optimize contact center operations, increase conversions through campaigns, and enact data-driven decisions.

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Proactive Messaging

Send consumers outbound messages on SMS, or richer channels like WhatsApp to initiate high value marketing and customer care conversations, resulting in deeper engagement with your business.

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Security and compliance

Integrate seamlessly with your brand’s single sign-on (SSO) experience so your team can streamline workflows to handle customer inquiries

Multi-language support

Easily scale your support department across geographies with personalized workspaces for your agents with multi-language support capabilities.

Multi-channel deployment

Unify your customer experience across channels quickly and easily so you can get up and running with conversational solutions right away.

Conversational Cloud for your business

Customer care

Global brands leverage our Conversational Cloud to build seamless customer experiences that meet customers where they are. These Curiously Human™ experiences foster personalization at scale, cost efficiencies for care organizations, and a better agent experience.

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Conversational AI can be a powerful tool for driving revenue. Set your brand apart from the competition by powering innovative, continuous experiences that span offline to online and offline again.

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We power close to a billion conversational interactions a month, helping organizations drive engagements that feel Curiously Human, not cold and robotic. Our conversational interactions offer a personalized service at scale, all through the power of AI built with intent-discovery.

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