conversation managerA powerful agent workspace to manage human and bot conversations

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on-the-go, our cloud-based agent workspace makes it easy to manage everything conversational.

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Employee using agent workspace to manage customer interactions
View omnichannel conversations in our workspace built for contact center agents and managers

A single place to manage every conversation

Our agent workspace makes your entire contact center team more efficient, surfacing customer interactions from messaging channels, apps, social media, and more in one spot — making customer experiences and agent workflows easier to manage. Provide agents with quick access to conversation history, consumer details, and other customer information in a single view, with dynamic prioritization that allows agents to manage multiple concurrent conversations efficiently.

Conversation Assist recommend two answers to a consumer question

Recommended actions amplify agent productivity

Conversation Assist suggests the best content or bot to handle a consumer’s intent. Recommendations are presented directly in the conversation flow to speed agent responses, and Conversation Assist uses machine learning to improve over time.

Showing how the agent workspace can be used on mobile devices.

Mobile app offers on-the-go access

Give the agent experience a convenience boost with a mobile app that gets you access to Conversation Manager from any iOS or Android device. It’s simple, intuitive, and requires minimal training to get up to speed. It’s great way to upskill in-store staff to handle messaging conversations quickly and can allow more flexibility for remote teams.

View of agent and chatbot performance in manager view, helping identify where managers can resolve issues or address other business needs

Monitor chatbot and agent performance in real time

Conversation Manager gives managers visibility into performance metrics for agents, chatbots, and every single conversation in one place. It also alerts them to conversations that require immediate attention with the ability to directly intervene as needed, especially helpful when managing contact center agents.

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