The cutting-edge technology of self-correcting and self-learning AI

The conversational future is self-learning AI. We envision a world where chatbots recognize when they are failing, understand where the failure is taking place, and then autocorrect for enhanced consumer experiences. We have put the foundations in place for smarter, more streamlined Conversational AI experiences.

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We are creating and evolving the tools to maximize the performance of machine learning technology to get us to the future of self-learning AI.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

The foundation of a great conversation is understanding the consumer in their natural language. LivePerson’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, created from billions of conversational data points, is laser focused on the conversation and learned intent to be Curiously Human™, resulting in high accuracy and precision. In fact, our NLU outperformed world-class competitors in understanding intent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, and French.

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Disentangled dialog management

Chatbot dialog management should not be dependent on domain knowledge. In other words, bots should be able to recognize success and failure without expertise in the conversational intents and tasks the bots are solving. This decoupling of dialog management from domain expertise opens up scalable self-learning across many bots instead of one.

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Curiously Human dialogue

Focused on consumer effort and intent to develop a Curiously Human dialogue, our machine learning Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS) algorithm recognizes when and where bots fail in the conversation. This provides an additional foundation of self-learning AI and automation to improve performance.

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High-quality annotation

All of these machine learning tools require annotation, using humans to teach the AI models. Tools to make annotation as easy and scalable as possible, with a high degree of quality, is critical to success in solving complex language problems. LivePerson has and continues to build these tools.

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Meet our Conversational AI research partners

LivePerson continues to invest in research and development of key AI technologies that can push boundaries of how systems interact with humans. We selectively partner with academic institutions to further our work on cutting-edge multimodal Conversational AI.

Expanding into dialog systems later this year, we offer a Ph.D fellowship sponsorship and support the UCSC natural language processing (NLP) Masters program with our Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab (NLDSL) collaboration.

“Our collaboration with LivePerson will help us better understand the research that is needed to make these systems more habitable. My students’ work within these areas will shape how people interact with the products that can make the world more accessible and easier to navigate.”

Prof. Dr. Marilyn Walker, ACL Fellow, Head of UCSC NLDSL

From industry-leading research in speech recognition to research in deep learning and soon dialog systems, we offer an internship with our Centre for Speech & Language Technology.

“By bringing together exceptional University resources and LivePerson’s ‘Curiously Human’ vision for Conversational AI, the center’s researchers will be in touch with real world problems and have the satisfaction to see their hard work realized in the largest enterprises around the world.” 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hain, Head of LP Research center, Head of UKRI, & Head of Speech Research at University of Sheffield 

UC Santa Cruz
Certification badge symbolizing neural networks + human intelligence

We are LivePerson AI Natives

To be an AI company, every employee has to speak the same vocabulary. That’s why we created the LivePerson AI Native certification course. This course is available to internal as well as external organizations to learn the basics of AI.

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