conversation orchestrationIntelligently orchestrate conversations across the customer journey

Turn your customer experience into a symphony. Drive personalized experiences and revenue growth by conducting conversations in the right channel at the right time with the right AI, humans, and data in the loop.

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graph of how conversation orchestration works with intelligent routing system and context to connect callers to the right agent

Personalize customer journeys with automated, intelligent routing

Seamlessly blend first-party and third-party bots, human and AI agents to provide proactive and personalized support. Dynamically route conversations to the right resource with intent recognition, interaction history, signals, and customer attributes.

KnowledgeAI dashboard, which takes content data points from different providers so the most qualified agent or bot can respond

Orchestrate LLMs and enterprise knowledge for smarter conversations

Bring Your Own LLM or bots to orchestrate multiple large language models and artificial intelligence within the Conversational Cloud®. Connect your enterprise data across CRM, CMS, and other systems using KnowledgeAI™ to infuse conversations with accurate, real-time context. The encore? Unparalleled performance, cost efficiency, compliance, and control.

Rebooking conversation made possible with intelligent routing rules and machine learning

Maintain seamless context across the customer journey

Unify data from CRM, CDP, and enterprise systems to personalize end-to-end customer journeys. Boost engagement and loyalty by maintaining fluid context, ensuring people never have to repeat themselves.

customer asking about buying stock, a real-time data signal to transfer to a human agent

Detect real-time signals to trigger smart actions

Harness LivePerson’s advanced AI to identify real-time conversation signals, such as customer frustration, prompt abuse, or agent coaching opportunities. Instantly trigger actions like transferring conversations, updating CRM records, or logging analytics events.

proactive message from technology contact centers encouraging upgrades, which can help build increased revenue

Proactively re-engage customers at the perfect moment

Anticipate customer needs and proactively re-engage with timely messages, turning notifications into two-way conversations on SMS, WhatsApp and other channels. Boost completion rates, customer satisfaction, and loyalty by always being one beat ahead.

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illustration of how the LivePerson Functions cloud works to build and host custom smart routing systems

Streamline system integrations with LivePerson Functions

Accelerate CRM and business system integrations for intelligent routing and conversation orchestration. LivePerson Functions empowers you to leverage our APIs without the complexity of separate hosting infrastructure. Standing ovations welcome.

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How leading brands are using Conversation Orchestration

VIP customer experience

A global bank routes high-value customers to dedicated advisors for high-touch, personalized service.

outline of airplane

Connect customers to the next step

A major airline proactively alerts customers about flight cancellations, enabling effortless travel rebooking.

Skills-based routing

A leading telecommunications company automatically transfers distressed customers to specialists for priority assistance.

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