Expert GuideCapitalize on the cyber shopping event of the century

Learn how to maximize sales and scale consumer interactions during the digital-first holiday season with Conversational AI and messaging.

woman cyber shopping with messaging

Holiday shopping is becoming cyber shopping

The pandemic accelerated trends in customer behavior and pushed brands to innovate faster than ever before. With in-store foot traffic at an all-time low, retail brands are sure to see an unprecedented preference for digital shopping in the 2020 holiday season. But most brands aren’t prepared to handle the volume of customers while creating a positive shopping experience.

In this report, get an industry-level overview to help your team plan for the upcoming season including:

AI-powered messaging

Learn how messaging and chatbots can help plug the holes in your funnel that may exist with this shift to more cyber shopping, increasing revenue and conversions.

Customer intent data

Conversational intent data is powerful. Dig into how this verbatim data will take the guesswork out of business decisions and keep brands nimble in the chaos of the holidays.

Simple, strategic pivots

This cyber shopping retail playbook includes tips to help you rapidly adapt to emerging customer behavior before the holiday rush.

‘Tis the season for a digital boost

As your team prepares for a holiday season like no other, it’s important to evaluate the type of technology that will make your brand stand out and boost your bottom line. Get a glimpse at how a conversational retail experience with AI-powered messaging can enhance a customer’s cyber shopping experience while delivering top-line results for your brand.