LivePerson + Forrester: Bring the conversation back to voice

Learn how to improve voice solutions and leverage them in the new world of digital customer engagement.

Original Broadcast Date: January 27, 2022
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Meet customers where they are

Brand leaders, analysts, and marketers alike have long been searching for the secret sauce of customer engagement as the world becomes increasingly more digital. The theme that continues to emerge? Meet. Customers. Where. They. Are. We’ve come to understand that customers want to engage with brands in the messaging channels they use every day to talk to friends and family — and research from Forrester shows us that, just like with friends and family, many prefer to have more serious or sensitive conversations with brands over the phone. Industry leaders will need to enable intelligent conversational experiences that carry context across all channels.

Unified messaging + voice solutions

LivePerson has assembled a powerhouse team to bring voice solutions into the new age of digital customer engagement. With advanced speech recognition, robust CRM integration, and LivePerson’s leading Conversational AI, voice evolves into a welcoming, personal, efficient experience. Gone are the days of circular, unhelpful IVRs. Now, analog voice can be transposed to rich, first-party intent data that helps customers get the personalized support they need at the scale of enterprise business.

Hear from customer experience experts on:

Benefits of voice

Why voice will elevate customer engagement in 2022

Automation and integration

How LivePerson is bringing voice into the new age with advanced speech recognition, robust CRM integration, and our leading Conversational AI

Future outlook

Predictions for the voice space in 2022

Meet the experts

Tim Walsh headshot

Tim Walsh

Vice President of Sales, Voice


Max Ball headshot

Max Ball

Principal Industry Analyst


Dan Sincavage headshot

Daniel Sincavage

Vice President of Voice Operations


Jay Blazensky headshot

Jay Blazensky

Vice President of Business Development, Voice