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Launch Event

The future is calling — meet LivePerson Voice AI technology

Join our launch event to learn how to deliver a better voice experience with artificial intelligence. You’ll walk away understanding how to create the perfect balance of customer experience, operational efficiency, and business outcomes because the channel of communication no longer matters.

May 2, 2023 | 11:00AM EDT
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illustration of voice ai technology leveraging artificial intelligence to mimic human speech

Say hello to a better customer experience

At the forefront of digital communication since its inception, LivePerson evolved to offer the most sophisticated Conversational AI and automation tools to brands. We move more conversations from voice to messaging, synchronous to asynchronous, and from manual to automated, all through AI innovation. And now we’re leading the revolution to optimize and automate repetitive tasks in the voice channel, going beyond speech recognition to create a deeper understanding and unified messaging solution.

Don’t put automated voice conversations on hold.

It’s much more than just using an AI voice generator or understanding voice commands. Powered by rich, omnichannel conversational data, insights, and enterprise-grade large language models (LLMs), LivePerson’s voice AI technology will route to and from digital messaging based on consumers’ intent, sentiment, and specific needs. Join us as we launch this exciting new journey.

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You’ll hear about…

Voice bot creation + use

Explore how to create automated voice flows with routing and transfers to/from human agents, FAQ automation, and call deflection. Supplement or replace sections of legacy IVR flows with an automated voice avatar (or bot) for faster handle time, resolution, and better user experience.

multi-languages understood by voice AI technology and LLMs

Leveraging LLMs the right way

Using LLMs (like OpenAI) means these voice bots use a more natural language when responding to consumers. Learn how (and why) to take advantage of that while staying within the responsibly protected guardrails of the brand and industry.

Benefits of messaging + voice analytics in one dashboard

Learn how a view of the holistic consumer experience across all engagement channels can help better identify intents, understand channel preference and performance, and pinpoint reasons for escalation.

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