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AI Annotator

Create the best chatbot with real-time agent feedback

AI Annotator makes training bots easy, even when they fail to understand consumer inquiries. The result? Smarter bots that automate more conversations and enhance customer experiences.

Using the AI Annotator to improve intents

Agents are the best chatbot coaches

Even the best chatbot builder can’t build an automation that recognizes every consumer inquiry right away. That’s why continuous coaching is key to crafting the best experiences. AI Annotator uses machine learning to flag consumer intents that bots don’t understand, so agents can label the intent as they resolve the inquiry — training bots in real time, no coding required.

View of updating intent models using AI Annotator

Update intent training for improved chatbot performance

Intent tuners can quickly use the agent-annotated messages to update the intent model in Intent Builder.

Example of a positive conversation with a chatbot after using AI Annotator

Chatbots become even more powerful with AI Annotator

The resulting improved intent models give bots a better understanding of consumer statements, improve containment rates, and boost consumer satisfaction — with a fraction of the effort.

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