IVR DeflectionReduce costs and improve customer experience with Voice to Messaging

Complement your contact center with messaging to reduce costs and increase satisfaction. Instead of the higher costs, missed customer calls, or long wait times common with voice, use LivePerson’s Voice to Messaging as an IVR deflection solution: Give them the option to “press 1 to start a messaging conversation.”

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Offer the cost-effective option to communicate in their channel of choice

Voice to Messaging gives consumers the ability to instantly transfer from a phone call to a messaging conversation via SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, or to a brand’s own mobile app. The caller simply selects an option in the interactive voice response (IVR) system. Not only does this IVR deflection add convenience for a better customer experience, it helps lower costs and increase agent efficiency in the contact center.

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Scale and facilitate customer interactions with LivePerson’s automation solutions

As Voice to Messaging moves more calls to messaging channels, the opportunity to resolve customer inquiries cheaper, faster, and with greater customer satisfaction is achievable through automation. LivePerson’s automation solutions help you understand the most popular consumer intents and how well you’re fulfilling them.

There’s no need to hire an army of human agents. Let us help build AI-powered bots that work together with your existing agents to answer questions, resolve issues, drive sales, and build loyalty.

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Consumers want to message, IVR deflection with Voice to Messaging makes it easy

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Reduce high call volumes, increase cost savings

One agent can only handle one phone call at a time. Messaging offers far greater concurrency at a lower agent cost vs. phone calls. With IVR deflection to an asynchronous messaging channel, your teams can assist more sales and service customers than ever with up to 20% savings.

Boost agent efficiency, reduce turnover

Moving callers from traditional IVR systems to a messaging channel where they can get more immediate help has led to greater agent efficiency. Case in point: Bankwest increased agent concurrency by 3x. Plus, with bots to scale and support tasks, agents are happier, reducing attrition by 5%.

See 5 – 15% CSAT / NPS increase

By moving customer queries to messaging, brands deliver high-quality, personalized, and fast customer engagement at the consumer’s convenience. LivePerson has seen this drive up customer satisfaction, revenue, and operational efficiency.

Achieve fast time to value

Brands can see ROI within a matter of weeks (not months) with this IVR deflection solution, resulting in greater agent efficiency, contact center savings, and happier customers.

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