Messaging Channel IntegrationSMS for business: Reach billions via texting on native SMS

The Conversational Cloud® makes it easy for consumers to get answers and take action with businesses in messaging channels they already use every day — including SMS text messaging.

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SMS for business texting conversation via SMS
SMS 5B users worldwide.

Connect with more consumers

Since SMS is available natively on most mobile phones, conversational texting is an easy, almost universal entry point into the world of messaging. In fact, many brands build out business texting flows in the Conversational Cloud as a fallback for consumers without specific messaging apps.

illustration of AI brain for our omnichannel messaging platform

Scale SMS for business with conversational AI

Automate consumer interactions on the most popular messaging channels without hiring an army of agents. We will help you understand the most popular consumer intents and how well you’re fulfilling them, so you can build AI-powered chatbots that work together with your human experts to generate leads, drive sales, and build loyalty.

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Consumers want to message, SMS for business makes it easy

Convert inbound calls to text messages

Offer callers “press 1 to send us a text message.” 8 out of 10 people prefer messaging to voice — cut your expensive call volume in half in 100 days.

Target prospects and re-engage customers

Use proactive business texting to send promotions, offers, and campaigns in a channel where open rates are 98% and response rates are 45%, far greater than email.

Create Conversational Ads, bypass the landing page

Drive prospects to SMS for business texting or other messaging channels instead of low-converting landing pages. Make it easy for them to get answers and make purchases.