How to win with B2B Conversational Marketing

It’s no secret that the traditional B2B funnel is flawed. Fill out the form to watch our 5-minute video guide on why conversational is the future of marketing and how to get started.

The traditional B2B funnel is flawed

If you’ve ever been a buyer of B2B products and services, you’re probably very familiar with the journey. It starts with search, display ads, social, or some other traffic source. Then, prospects are left to fend for themselves on a website in hopes that they’ll fill out a form and convert to a lead. The trouble is, less than 5% of them are converting.

Traffic sources go straight to the website

From search to display ad, social, and email, leads are left to take the next step. But only a few do.

Form fills are the main CTA

The flaw here is that there’s no opportunity for deep lead qualification, or personalized guidance to the conversion step.

Emails and calls delay the process

It takes about 6 – 8 emails to actually schedule a meeting after a form fill request, and 30-50% of those leads are not even responsive.

Meeting challenges

With no deep lead qualification or easy connections ahead of time, there can be a high meeting no-show rate.

B2B Conversational Marketing increases conversion rates by 20%+ and speeds the sales cycle by up to 30%

Leads can skip the website visit

Cut out unnecessary steps from your conversions. From search to display ad, social, and email marketing, brands can direct leads to the website or start an immediate text-based messaging conversation with their team for more information.

Conversations streamline scheduling

Skipping the form (and potentially the website) and starting immediate conversations allows brands to connect when a prospects’ interest is piqued. This means you could qualify and schedule meetings instantly.

Meeting strengths

The B2B Conversational Marketing approach provides the fastest time from lead creation to meeting. Plus, it can increase meeting attendance rates as a result.