Guide3 steps to Conversational AI maturity in retail customer engagement

Follow this roadmap to harness the transformative power of AI for your retail customer engagement strategy.

Cover of the Conversational AI Maturity in Retail Customer Engagement guide
examples of challenges in retail customer engagement, due to economic and customer behavior trends

It’s time to embrace AI as a way to improve customer engagement

With artificial intelligence growing more powerful and useful (heard of generative AI?), it’s the perfect method to engage customers in efficient, meaningful ways. In fact, 83% of consumers want the ability to “channel surf” when talking to a brand, yet only 50% of brands support this. AI makes an omnichannel customer experience easier to manage and scale — not to mention personalizing those interactions.

This guide discusses the challenges facing today’s retailers, and the opportunities available when AI becomes a core element of your business and customer engagement strategies.

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What you’ll find in this guide

You’re not alone

Get an inside look at the current challenges facing the retail industry and where AI could help with new and existing customers.

AI goals to shoot for

Unlock key benchmarks for success by reviewing real-life examples of AI-powered retail customer engagement.

A map to get you there

Discover specific steps to take to reach Conversational AI maturity, from broadening communication channels across the customer journey to integrating customer data and automation itself.