Video GuideConversational Banking brings the personal touch consumers crave at scale

AI-powered messaging allows banks to drive revenue, cut costs, and increase engagement rates by 20%. Watch the 5-minute video guide to adopt this approach for your bank.

LivePerson experts discuss the ins and outs of Conversational Banking.

Why is Conversational Banking so important?

Interpersonal relationships are one of the pillars of a banking experience. The move to digital banking doesn’t have to change that. With Conversational AI, you can still deliver a trusted, personalized experience with a combination of thoughtfully designed AI-powered chatbots and human agents. Not only does this Conversational Banking approach make personalization scalable, but it also increases engagement by 20% or more

In this approach, bots can handle the easy work — like gathering customer information and FAQs — for a fully automated experience. They can also quickly and accurately route customers to the right human agents to handle more complex and personal instances. And it all happens in the mobile channels banking customers love, like Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, and even social channels like Facebook Messenger.

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