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Case Studies

Elevating the customer experience: How Mouser Electronics blends human touch with customer service bots

Mouser building, a background for their case study on building customer service bots and expanding digital channels for customer service processes

Mouser Electronics has millions of conversations with their customers each year. When the pandemic hit, product demand exploded — and created an immediate, pressing need for Mouser to level up their customer service process and support. Mouser turned to their conversation partner of over 15 years, LivePerson, to help expand their customer engagement channels and scale their customer service operations. 

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The Mouser story

Mouser Electronics, based in Texas, is a globally authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturer brands. With 28 offices globally, Mouser conducts business in 21 languages and 34 currencies. Committed to the best customer service, the Mouser team goes above and beyond for their customers.

Challenge: Keeping up with growing customer queries

Mouser has complex product SKUs and serves buyers and design engineers in over 223 countries 24/7. Mouser has been a LivePerson customer since 2006, averaging over a million calls and eight million emails annually. But in 2017, Mouser Electronics knew they needed to accelerate their digital transformation and start implementing multiple channels for support. This forward-thinking proved to be vital when demand for Mouser’s products exploded during the pandemic. That same year, Mouser doubled down on their commitment to incredible service by beginning to add over 100 new customer service reps worldwide.

“As a ‘High Service Distributor,’ it is critical that our customers receive the same high-quality interaction experience on our messaging platform as they would in any other customer interface. LivePerson’s platform and their incredible support team have ensured that Mouser is able to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

~ Lori Hartman, SVP of Customer Experience, Mouser Electronics

Solution: Expanded channels and dynamic routing

Conversational Flywheel focused on Connect stage, where we focus on various message apps and ways for a customer service chatbot to engage customers

As customer service inquiries grew year over year, Toni Alvarez, the Global Service Product Owner, and her team turned to LivePerson to help strengthen their support offerings. Following the Conversational Flywheel™, the team set their focus on the Connect stage — setting up dynamic routing to more efficient and consumer-friendly digital channels.

Digital customer service

The Mouser team fields millions of calls and emails each year. As part of their digital transformation, expanding their customer experience to include digital channels like messaging was the logical next step. Toni and her team began rolling out messaging for customer inquiries, including one of their most important channels for APAC customers, WeChat, in 2021. These messaging channels were paramount to helping their customer service teams keep up with demand. Today, they’re proud to have completed a migration to messaging in September of 2023 — handling over 250,000 conversations annually. 

Dynamic routing

After growing their support team, Toni and her team wanted to ensure that their customers would be able to speak with the most appropriate customer service agents possible for each specific intent, or request for action or information. Mouser’s wide product offering of +1 million electronic products and international operations means they receive customer queries in more than 20 different languages about product information, wholesale ordering, international shipping, and other specific needs. To solve this, Toni and her team set up Dynamic Routing, a conversational AI tool within LivePerson’s Conversation Orchestrator, to ensure they had the infrastructure for intelligent routing of conversations to the appropriate human agents at scale.

“We wouldn’t have been able to have the success that we did without the top-notch [LivePerson] team that we were given. We were set up with a really great engineering team for migration, project management, and all that good stuff. I don’t think we would have had the success we did without that setup.”

~ Toni Alvarez, Global Service Product Owner, Mouser Electronics

Results and outcomes

example of customer service chatbots engaging via messaging apps

Today, Mouser has a customer satisfaction score of 92%. Their shift to digital messaging channels and automation, with 21 customer service bots, has helped them better serve their ever-growing international customer base at scale — supporting 13 languages. Over the next few years, they plan to enhance the customer experience by adding more messaging channels and expanding the functionality of their customer service bots. 

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