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What’s at the heart of customer relationships? Intelligent data

Few companies use their own data to understand customer needs and take action. Yet personalization (or lack of!) remains a top concern. Join LivePerson and Forrester’s Brendan Witcher to learn how customer data and AI can help.

Original Broadcast: March 23, 2023
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Brain illustration of how intelligent data comes from customer data insights

You think you know your customer? Then show them!

 Customer engagement is changing in front of our very eyes with the application of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. But generative AI is only as good as the intelligent data that powers it. Forrester’s data shows that 28% of retail and wholesale marketing decision-makers reported that one of their top three analytics challenges is insufficient understanding by the team of how to apply data to decision-making. And only 26% of online adults agree that “companies do a good job of understanding me as a person.”

In this 45-minute virtual event, you’ll learn how to use data to feed your AI and support customers accordingly. Understand how you can reduce operational costs, increase CSAT and NPS, and supercharge incremental revenue — all through the effective use of customer data and AI. 

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Customer data insights you’ll walk away with

Identifying truly valuable customer insights

Brendan Witcher, our guest speaker from Forrester, discusses what businesses need to consider to truly understand individual customers at their core.

Using AI to gather actionable insights

LivePerson’s leading platform enables businesses to use advanced AI capabilities to obtain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and what they want.  Explore how Conversational AI analytics and intelligence deliver personalized experiences during decision-making moments in the path to purchase, which can help to maximize customer lifetime value. 

Putting customer analytics to use

Learn how to use this data to create personalized, relevant experiences that feed customer retention, keeping people faithful to your brand throughout the customer journey: before, during, and between purchases (based on Brendan’s “Conditional Love” report).

Meet the speakers

Brendan Witcher

Forrester – VP, Principal Analyst

Ryan Mannion

LivePerson – Area Vice President, Strategic Retail

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On-Demand Webinar

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