Contact center resilience: Rapidly shift to remote, digital care and sales

Learn how to use Conversational AI and messaging to keep contact center operations running during the coronavirus pandemic and its related business disruptions.

Original Broadcast Date: March 19, 2020
IVR deflection to messaging example

Continuing business operations

In our last webinar, our experts discussed some potential implications of the COVID-19 virus on contact center operations. In this webinar, we’ll offer specific actions managers can take right away to continue operating in the face of disruption.

woman working remotely at home, continuing contact center operations

Steps to take

Our experts will outline steps you can take now to make your contact center operations more resilient in the short and long term. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

• Standing up and operationalizing a remote-work contact center

• Rapidly shifting voice calls to messaging and other more efficient and scalable digital channels to preserve revenue

• Deploying automation and AI to increase capacity

Keeping your customers informed to prevent churn

Meet the experts ready to help you operate contact centers remotely

Melanie Longdon

SVP Transformation


Mike Carney

VP Technical Solutions & Delivery


Paul Gillespie

Sr. Operational Excellence Manager