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Messaging Channel IntegrationConversational email: A new way to manage, analyze, and respond

The Conversational Cloud® unifies customer care operations so agents can manage and respond to all email and messaging conversations from a single place, instead of maintaining and toggling between separate platforms.

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Give customers a seamless way to shift to messaging

Every conversational email a brand sends from the Conversational Cloud includes an option for the consumer to instantly transfer into a messaging channel of their choice with the click of a button — leading to quicker resolution and greater satisfaction.

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Scale messaging interactions with Conversational AI

Automate consumer interactions on the most popular messaging channels without hiring an army of agents. We will help you understand the most popular consumer intents and how well you’re fulfilling them, so you can build AI-powered chatbots that initially respond to consumers who message you from emails. Bots work together with your human experts to generate leads, drive sales, and build loyalty.

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Consumers want to message, use the Conversational Cloud to make it easier

Target prospects and re-engage customers

Use text message marketing to send promotions, offers, and campaigns in messaging channels where open rates are 98% and response rates are 45%, far greater than email.

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MDabroad reduces calls from patients and providers

Shifting caseload management from calls and emails to WhatsApp conversations led to an 18% increase in the number of cases handled per agent.

Bypass emails and landing pages with Conversational Ads

Drive prospects to conversations instead of low-converting landing pages. Make it easy for them to get answers and make purchases.